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Los Angeles Times Article - 'The Underdog Concertos'

An article by Josef Woodard from the LA Times discussing the English Horn concerto of William Kraft penned for Ms. Hove. She premiered the concerto with the Los Angeles Philharmonic in January of 2003.

'Hove finds Kraft’s concerto “completely different from anything else out there.” Part of that uniqueness is Kraft’s structure, based on the idea of engaging the soloist within three different trios. Orchestral parts are wrapped around the spotlighted trios, which the soloist joins by moving around the stage.

“The English horn is not the kind of instrument that can sail over an orchestra playing forte. It can’t. It’s an alto instrument, and not a powerhouse, so it would be completely covered up by a full orchestra,” she said.

“You’ll be able to hear what I’m doing. But it’s also interesting to hear what the English horn sounds like when it’s playing with vibraphone and harp, and with alto flute and guitar, and with cello and violin. There’s a different color each time.”'

The complete article can be found here.

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